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Mark is an engineer and materials scientist. He is the Professor of Materials and Society at UCL where he teaches and conducts his research.

Mark received his Ph.D in turbine jet engine alloys from Oxford University, and has worked as a materials scientist in the USA, Ireland and the UK.  His research lab is based in the Mechanical Engineering Department of UCL. His research interests include self-assembling materials, self-healing materials, psychophysical properties of materials, sensoaesthetic properties of materials.

Mark is the Director of the UCL Institute of Making which is a multidisciplinary research club for those interested in the made world: from makers of molecules to makers of buildings, synthetic skin to spacecraft, soup to clothes, furniture to cities.

Mark is a broadcaster and writer on science and engineering issues, and believes passionately that to engineer is human. He regularly gives popular talks on engineering and materials science to tv, radio, festival, and school audiences. He presented the  2010 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures which were broadcast on BBC Four. Mark was recently included in the The Times list of the top 100 most influential people in science.

His next public event:

Cementing the future: taking the world's most popular material out of its comfort zone.

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