Media Articles

How did disposable products ever become a thing?
BBC, Oct 2018

Which cities will sink into the sea first?
The Guardian, Oct 2018

No more potholes: cities that can repair themselves
Financial Times Magazine, March 2018

Soft Robots for Hospitals
The Observer,Oct 2015

How laboratory-grown organs will transform our lives
The Observer, July 2015

Wood 2.0 – a very modern material
The Observer, June 2015

Steel – it is the material we are most intimately acquitted – after all we put it in our mouths every day
The Observer, May 2015

Chocolate is as sophisticated as wine in igniting senses & giving pleasure
The Observer, April 2015

Future Fabric
The Observer,March 2015

How Glass invented modern physics, chemistry, biology and much more.
The Observer, Feb 2015

Concrete: solid, dependable, obstinate – and self-healing
The Observer, Jan 2015

Dont Write Off Paper
The Observer, Dec 2014

Superalloys to the rescue: the marvellous metals that take us to the skies
The Observer, Nov 2014

The magic of rubber: irreverent, sexy, sporty, revolutionary … indispensable
The Observer, Oct 2014

Perfectly imperfect silicon chips: the electronic brains that run the world
The Observer, Sept 2014

Materials & Civilisation

The Observer, Sept 2014

World Cup 2022 can inspire cool ideas
The Observer, July 2014

I held a party for my washing machine
The Observer, June 2014

Why green milk bottle tops are not a green option

The Observer, April 2014

The lightbulb moment for solar power

The Observer, March 2014

Bye bye brolly: how to stay dry for ever

The Observer, Jan 2013

Science toys tried and tested
The Observer, Dec 2013

The technology that puts the human touch into prostheses

The Observer, Nov 2013

The Future of Buildings

The Observer, June 2013