The latest papers from my research group & our collaborations.

Animate Matter

Lawrence Yolland, Mubarik Burki, Stefania Marcotti, Andrei Luchici, Fiona N. Kenny, John Robert Davis, Eduardo Serna-Morales, Jan Müller, Michael Sixt, Andrew Davidson, Will Wood, Linus J. Schumacher, Robert G. Endres, Mark Miodownik & Brian M. Stramer, Persistent and polarized global actin flow is essential for directionality during cell migration, Nature Cell Biology (2019)

Nargess Khalilgharibi, Jonathan Fouchard, Nina Asadipour, Ricardo Barrientos, Maria Duda, Alessandra Bonfanti, Amina Yonis, Andrew Harris, Payman Mosaffa, Yasuyuki Fujita, Alexandre Kabla, Yanlan Mao, Buzz Baum, José J Muñoz, Mark Miodownik & Guillaume Charras, Stress relaxation in epithelial monolayers is controlled by the actomyosin cortex, Nature Physics (2019)

John R. Davis, Andrei Luchici, Fuad Mosis,James Thackery, Jesus A. Salazar,
Yanlan Mao, Graham A. Dunn, Timo Betz, Mark Miodownik, Brian M. Stramer
Inter-Cellular Forces Orchestrate Contact Inhibition of Locomotion, (2015) Cell, 161, 1–13.

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Brodland GW, Conte V, Cranston PG, Veldhuis J, Narasimhan S, Hutson MS, Jacinto A, Ulrich F, Baum B, Miodownik M. Video force microscopy reveals the mechanics of ventral furrow invagination in Drosophila. PNAS 2010 Dec 2

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Innovative Manufacturing

Richard Jackson, Stephen Patrick, Mark Miodownik, Functionally graded 3D printed asphalt composites, Materials Letters: X Volume 7, September 2020, 100047

Ploszajski, A. R., Jackson, R., Ransley, M., & Miodownik, M. (2019). 4D Printing of Magnetically Functionalized Chainmail for Exoskeletal Biomedical Applications. MRS Advances, 4 (23), 1361-1366. doi:10.1557/adv.2019.154

Ben Oldfrey, Richard Jackson, Peter Smitham and Mark Miodownik, A Deep Learning Approach to Non-linearity in Wearable Stretch Sensors, Front. Robot. AI, 08 May 2019

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Sensoaesthetic Materials

S. E. Wilkes & M. A. Miodownik (2018) Materials library collections as tools for interdisciplinary research, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, 43:1, 3-23, DOI: 10.1080/03080188.2018.1435450

Sarah Wilkes, Supinya Wongsriruksa, Philip Howes, Richard Gamester, Harry Witchel, Martin Conreen, Zoe Laughlin, Mark Miodownik Design tools for interdisciplinary translation of material experiences. (2016) Materials & Design.

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